Welcome to Lincoln Community Midwives


Compassionate and caring team of midwives!

Andrea Fitmom Page

The ladies here are amazing and the feeling of group support is so strong!

Kayla Storr

The best!! Incredible experience being cared for by Lincoln Community Midwives!! ❤️

Em Eye

Couldn’t write any more positive things about all these ladies. Team Blue cared for me during my pregnancy...Jewel, Carrie, Pilar, Julia are awesome! They took such great care of me and my baby. Such a positive experience.

Tina Antler

There just aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe the wonderful care that I received from the midwives. I almost want to have another baby just so I can have it again! jk

Sarah Fleming

The Lincoln Community Midwives were my primary care givers for all 4 of my pregnancies, delivery and postpartum care. Each one of my pregnancies were unique and had some minor to more serious complications. I had 2 hospital births and 2 home births.

Gloria Horne