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Urgent Concerns: Call Paging Service: (289) 566 8881

Urgent/Emergency refers to instances such as the following:

You are in labour You are urgently concerned about yourself or your baby Please refer to page 3 of your Client Guide, “How to Reach Us” for other reasons to use the paging service

Non-Urgent Concerns: Clinic: (289) 566 9350

The clinic is the appropriate place to leave questions that cannot wait until your next appointment. Expect 1-3 business days for a response.

When Paging your midwife – please review the following instructions:

  • 1.Call paging service (289) 566 8881.

  • 2.Paging service will answer: Lincoln Community Midwives paging service

  • 3.Paging service will ask what the message is.

    Please leave your full name, phone number AND A MESSAGE (e.g. I’m in labour). If your partner is calling the service for you, PLEASE ENSURE THEY GIVE THE PAGING SERVICE YOUR (the client’s) FULL NAME rather than your partner’s name (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!).

  • 4.Paging service will page the on call midwife for your team

Student Involvement: Sometimes a senior midwifery student assumes the responsibility of receiving client pages. If this should occur, the student will review her care management plan with the on call midwife immediately following her discussion with the client.
IMPORTANT POINT: If you do not hear back from the midwife within 15 minutes, page again and tell the operator ‘I paged 15 minutes ago and have not heard from my midwife’. The operator will then proceed with a protocol for contacting the midwife.