Midwifery Students

Lincoln Community Midwives is a teaching practice for the Bachelor of Health Sciences Midwifery Education Program (McMaster and Toronto Metropolitan Universities).  The Midwifery Education Program has developed a model of education that emphasizes the importance of the student developing continuous relationship with the client and their family. You can anticipate meeting a student several times prenatally, at your birth and through the postpartum period. This allows clients to build relationship with the student midwife. 

Student midwives are involved equivalent to their level of education, i.e., senior midwifery students will take on a more primary role in your care.   In order to grow the profession, we ask our clients to involve students in all aspects of their care that is of course appropriate to the knowledge and skills of the student. If you have any concerns we ask you bring this to the attention of your midwife. We appreciate your participation in student learning. 

Current Students

Jacklyn Marshall

Senior Midwifery Student

Nothing makes me more excited than my journey in becoming a midwife. There is simply nothing better, and people can see it on my face when I talk about how happy this experience makes me.

I love swimming, spending time outside, painting, and having dinners with my friends. I have four younger siblings, and growing up my sister and I would play “she’s having a baby!” where I would help her with the imaginary delivery in all of the ways a six year old knows how. 

I am so thrilled to be a student at Lincoln Community Midwives, just minutes away from where my partner works as a chef at Restaurant Pearl Morissette. Life is a beautiful balance, and I am so glad to continue to grow around the midwives who work here.

Jacklyn will be working primarily on Team Blue, starting in May 2024.

Margret Akinlosotu

Normal Child Bearing Student

Hi, I’m Margret, a second-year Midwifery student at McMaster University. Before Midwifery I earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies from the University of Waterloo in 2022.

I have always had a passion for reproductive health and social justice. Midwifery enables me to blend my academic background with my passions. I’m dedicated to empowering and advocating for all clients. Thrilled to join Lincoln Community Midwives, I’m excited to learn, contribute, and provide care in the community where I grew up—the Niagara Region holds a special place in my heart. Looking forward to meeting everyone and making a positive impact!

In my free time, I enjoy travelling, reading, and spending time with my family and friends.

Margaret will be working primarily on the Orange Team with Jenn and Rachel.  If you have any questions regarding student involvement with your care, we welcome you to discuss with your midwife.