COVID Policies

  1. For well people (no signs of illness) masks are optional.  This is in accordance with the HHS Masking Policy June 2023.  
  2. In accordance with HHS masking policy, as of September 2023, midwives will be wearing masks for all client care. 
  3. If you are unwell, please contact our office before attending an in person visit.  
  4. We will be doing in-person visits (prenatal and postpartum). Virtual visits are reserved for the initial visit or when a client is sick. If virtual visits are requested by a client, the midwife will accommodate this request. 
  5.  We provide medical grade masks at the entrance of our clinic for those who prefer to wear one.
  6. We recommend COVID vaccination for clients. We do not require it. 
  7. We invite you to bring a support person to your appointment. We strongly encourage your support people to be vaccinated.

Please read these policies prior to filling out an intake form. If you cannot adhere to the COVID policies of LCM we ask that you reach out to our practice to discuss the model of care that can be provided before your intake visit so we can clarify expectations.

Clients requiring Human Rights Code accommodation in respect of any of the above policies should contact one of our practice partners at to provide supporting medical documentation and to discuss what accommodations can be offered by the practice.

Please be aware that these policies may need to be changed, and we will do our best to communicate this in a timely fashion.