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Where to Deliver Your Baby

The Lincoln Community Midwives are pleased to offer their clients the choice between home birth or hospital birth. Midwives are the only primary care providers who offer their clients a choice of birthplace. During your pregnancy, your midwife will discuss your options, and answer any questions you have to make an informed decision.

In the LCM community, approximately 70% of our clients choose hospital birth.


Approximately 20% of people in midwifery care plan to have their babies at home.
Research tells us that home birth is safe when:

We know that when these safety parameters are met, homebirth outcomes are similar to hospital birth outcomes. In fact, research suggests that when planning home birth:
• Intervention rates are lower
• Infection rates are lower
• Newborn APGAR scores are better
• Maternal satisfaction is higher

In summary, home birth is a safe option for healthy women. Your midwives will monitor your pregnancy and labour in a way that aids decision-making regarding where to have your baby. We want your baby to be safe, and do not knowingly place either one at risk.

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Midwives also provide care to women choosing hospital birth.

Midwifery clients planning hospital birth have these things in common:

  • They see birth as a natural process
  • They feel most comfortable in a hospital setting
  • They feel that the hospital is the safest option in case of an      emergency
  • They like the idea of being close to hospital-only medical pain relief options such as epidural

Midwives offer some unique options for planned hospital births such as:
• Home labour assessments
• Option for early discharge (at around 3 hours) post birth

Your midwife will help you in your decision-making regarding choice of birthplace.