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Ashley Park, RM

We are excited to welcome Ashley Park to LCM who will be working as a Locum on Team Orange starting January 23rd, 2024.

I am so happy to be joining Lincoln Community Midwives in the new year! I completed my midwifery degree at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) in 2014 and have worked as a midwife in Mississauga since I graduated. Prior to becoming a midwife, I was a registered nurse for four years working in surgery and labour & delivery.

This year I made the decision with my family to move back to St. Catharines where my partner and I grew up. I am passionate about midwifery and the model of care that we are so fortunate to provide to our clients. I have two amazing children who were both born at home and are the absolute loves of my life.

In my spare time I enjoy being active, cooking and doing crafty things. I look forward to reconnecting with the beautiful Niagara region and getting to know you all. 

Carrie Seguin, RM

I am so happy to be a midwife at the Lincoln Community Midwives. The Niagara Region has always been my home and I was happy to be able to return here following the completion of my midwifery degree at Laurentian University in 2004.

Both of my children, my daughter, Esmee, as well as my son, Beau, were born at home with the help of midwives, so I have had the privilege of being both a midwife and a client receiving midwifery care.

In my ‘spare time’, you will find me laughing with my family, practicing yoga and figuring out what to make for dinner. 

Rachel Pennings, RM

Being a midwife is the best job in the world! I feel so happy to be with the Lincoln Community Midwives and love not only our community but also our clients. I am a transplant to the Niagara Region and have stayed because this has become home to me and my family.  

West Lincoln is a great place to live and work. I enjoy the small town feel of the community where I get to see clients and coworkers in daily life at different events and have the opportunity to watch children whom I participated in their prenatal, labour/birth and postpartum care grow. 

Brittany Orlando, RM

On leave effective September 5, 2023

“Dear Clients of Lincoln Midwives: It has been a pleasure and privilege to provide care for your family. I am taking a leave of absence starting September 5th. It has been a joy to do a job I love. Thank you for letting me into your lives. I hope to see you around town. – Brittany”

I graduated in 2014 and am thrilled to be a midwife in the community where I grew up. It’s an honour to deliver babies with some of the midwives who attended me when I was pregnant with my children. My first degree was in Classical Languages at Brock University, studying Greek and Latin. After having an amazing experience with midwives as a young mom, I went back to school when my kids were small and got a Bachelor of Midwifery from McMaster. 

I consider myself lucky to be able to have a career I love. I live in St. Catharines with my three children and husband. In my spare time I sew, work in my small orchard and play the banjo.

Pilar Chapman, RM

After completing my midwifery degree from Ryerson University (1999), my family and I moved to the Niagara region to develop midwifery services in this region. For the first decade of my career, I helped build the first midwifery practice in the region (Niagara Midwifery Practice).   In 2012, we were able to open the doors to Lincoln Community Midwives, which services primarily the region of West Niagara. It gives me great joy to reflect on the growth of midwifery in a place I now call home.

My other greatest accomplishments are my three sons, two of whom were brought into this world with the help of midwives.  Being on the receiving end of midwifery care taught me a great deal and solidified my commitment to the model of care we provide to our clients.

Laina Dykstra, RM

Laina is on Parental Leave until June 2024

I was born at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, and feel very privileged to be a midwife in a community that is close to my heart. I completed my midwifery degree at McMaster University in 2018. Before midwifery, I graduated from Brock University with an Honours B.Sc. in Health Science. 

Midwifery is a unique balance of evidence-based care, preserving normalcy and empowering expectant parents to make informed choices in a safe, non-judgmental space. My hope is that all parents feel well-informed and supported in my care.

My partner and daughters are my greatest joys, and catching babies comes in a close second! In my spare time I enjoy gardening, sprucing up my house, and finding the next best local place to eat. 

Megan Olson, RM

I often find myself telling anyone who will listen the absolute joy of being a midwife – the gift of watching families begin, grow with their additions, and everything in between. It is such a privilege to work with clients through their prenatal, birth and postpartum experiences and I strive to make that as positive and empowering as possible.  I completed my midwifery degree in 2012 at McMaster with the majority of my training occurring in the Niagara Region, when I of course fell in love with the community of West Niagara.

You may run into me with my busy young family, enjoying the great outdoors, or un-doing any healthy activity with some of the delicious food my partner creates.

Jenn Alonso, RM

I am so excited to be joining the Lincoln Community Midwives. I was a senior student with LCM in 2017-18 and I am thrilled to be re-joining the team as a registered midwife! I absolutely loved serving the families and clients of LCM and I look forward to having the opportunity to work and serve in your wonderful community, once again.

I graduated from the Midwifery Education Program from Laurentian University in the spring of 2018 and started practicing as a midwife in the Niagara Region later that same year. I was fortunate to complete my midwifery training in the Niagara Region which afforded me opportunities to learn and practice within both the Niagara Health System and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. Prior to my experience in the MEP, I completed my Master’s degree in History at the University of Guelph and prior to that, I completed an undergraduate degree in History, Anthropology, and English at McMaster University. During my time as a midwifery student, I fell in love with the Niagara Region and decided to make St. Catharines my home.

I am grateful to work with the midwives at Lincoln Community Midwives, and I feel privileged for the opportunity to provide care to the families of the Niagara region. I look forward to meeting you!