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Gloria-Neil Horne

The Lincoln Community Midwives were my primary care givers for all 4 of my pregnancies, delivery and postpartum care. Each one of my pregnancies were unique and had some minor to more serious complications. I had 2 hospital births and 2 home births. The midwives...

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Sarah Fleming

There just aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe the wonderful care that I received from the midwives. I almost want to have another baby just so I can have it again! jk.. the blue team of Pilar, Jewel, Carrie and Julie are such...

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Natasha Swyers

I received excellent care from my midwives. They were informative, professional, compassionate and understanding. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend this practice to any pregnant mother in the area. Even though they can't deliver in a new hospital (St. Catharines) their level of care...

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Paige Taylor

I could not have been happier with my choice of using a midwife. When I got pregnant with my first I was using an OBGYN and I was really unhappy. I switched about half way through my pregnancy to the midwives and it was the...

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Leah Koetsier

I was with the midwives for both my boys and would recommend it to anyone. My pregnancies were "easy" as far as pregnancy goes but both my labour and deliveries were difficult and complicated. I ended up needing a csection with my first and he...

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Christine. Lidia. Fekete

To put simply they are all kind, compassionate, caring, group of ladies and very intelligent too.

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Lindsey Hendriks

Recently gave birth to my beautiful baby girl with the help of Lincoln Midwives - Team Blue- I would like to thank Pillar, Carrie and Jewell and Rachel for all your support! Deciding to go with the midwives was the best decision I made for...

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