The Midwives

                                                          Pilar   img_4372-edit   Brittany

                                                                 img_4417-edit   img_4429-edit    Taryn


Pilar Chapman, Jewell Kirkopoulos, Brittany Orlando,

Rachel Pennings, Carrie Seguin, Taryn Spiegelberg

Laina Rasmussen (not pictured)


  • The Lincoln Midwives are committed to working in a team approach
  • Pre & postnatal care is shared by your midwifery team
  • There is consistent care across your midwifery team because of shared protocols that reflect evidence-based research
  • When you are in labour you will page your on-call midwife and she will be with you during your active phase of labour and birth as your primary care provider
  • There are 2 midwives at a birth and the 2nd midwife is called when the birth is close